039. Ostatnie dni w zdjęciach / My recent days in pictures

Czyli niektóre z rzeczy, które zrobiłam a nie zdążyłam zaprezentować szerszej publiczności :)

So some of the projects I made but did not have the opportunity to write about them yet :)


  1. Your sewing projects are really great. I hope that I will find a little time to sew things for the apartment, because I will move in the coming months to Kim.

    The summer seems to be over so we need new sewing projects for the autumn days.


    I hope you are doing well and our men will find a date where we can visit you in Poznań.

    Serdeczne pozdrowienia!

  2. Tabea, thanks so much! I am in a mood to make patchworks recently. They are perfect for pillows - maybe you should try it!

    I feel like we didnt have summer this year in Poland, it's raining all the time. It makes me sick! Duh...

    This tutorial looks super cute and simple, I must try it out!

    They sure must find the date - but remember we will be in Bochum by the end of this month, hope you'll be there too :)

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen :P



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